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Fleet Management & Safety Solutions

DOC A proven & state of the art "Driver Safety System" combined with an efficient "fleet management system" will save your company thousands of dollars annually and help to eliminate preventable lawsuits.

Pick from a partial list of suggested services and cost cutting benefits:

Safety Evaluation:

A comprehensive evaluation of your safety program 100% free of charge.

Safety Program:

A custom designed and automated safety program "Fleetguard" designed to meet your company's specific safety and HR requirements.

Maintenance Program:

A custom designed maintenance plan "MainteNet" geared to your company's specific needs using contracts with national and local providers / vendors to endure maximum cost savings to your bottom line.

Please Note:

Today due to the current economic climate many companies have managers spread thin with multiple duties and responsibilities. Our various Fleet services are flexible enabling us to provide as much assistance as needed. We work hand in hand with current managers to help give them the vital tools and additional time necessary to help them be more effective and to be available to give more attention to another department's needs.

Please contact me for your companies 100% Free Safety Analysis.

Let "Doc" show you how he can "guarantee" to save your business $1000s of dollars, with Zero added overhead costs... while helping to eliminate potential vehicle related lawsuits.

First and foremost concern for Fleet, Risk, and Safety managers in these unprecedented times is "Safety". It should be of the utmost concern to all companies with vehicle fleets of any size from 10 to 1000. Legal exposure exists for leased, company owned, or even driver owned vehicles when being used for business purposes. Negligent entrustment is a very real concern. Howard "Doc" Schwartz provides the opportunity to save you money on Fleet Management & Safety Solutions through CCM Services. You may view these solutions by clicking on this link to my Industry partner