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Remarketing Fleet Vehicles

Doc It is especially important in these unique and unprecedented times for Corporate America to maximize the resale value on their leased or company owned fleets and of vehicles and equipment. "Doc" re-markets all types of vehicles regardless of mileage or condition.

Types of Vehicles:

"Doc" has over 40 years of experience and wants to offer you guidance to help sell these assets for the best price possible to enhance the financial yield which goes directly to the clients.

Historically, companies would call this process "Liquidating Assets" by purely sending the vehicles back to the leasing company to dump at auction. This leaves a good deal of money on the table.

This is one of the reasons we call this Remarketing... to achieve the best possible price rather than purely "liquidating".

"Doc" knows how, where, and what needs to be done for each particular type of vehicle to bring the best possible results.

Additional Services and Benefits Include but not limited to: