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VIP Access To Howard "Doc" Schwartz

Doc VIP Access to Howard “Doc” Schwartz is compared to by current customers as having your very own personal physician, teacher and attorney at your side and On Call 24/7!

Howard "Doc" Schwartz has experienced nearly 50 years of 1st hand experiences of most aspects of the automotive industry. He personally observed and enjoyed many wonderful successes as well as having to work through the unavoidable adversities of a long life in any business. These "real life lessons" cannot be taught or learned solely in schools. This is what we call "street knowledge" and makes Howard "Doc" Schwartz the "Auto Industry Expert".

Whether you are a national corporation with 100's of vehicles in your fleet, or a small to medium sized independent business owner with under 10 vehicles, "Doc" will provide the answers to your companies important vehicle solutions through his team and extensive network by introducing you to the owners and upper-level management of his long time trusted industry partners.

Howard "Doc" Schwartz provides an opportunity to save money on all things automotive by offering the benefits of a free membership to Club Auto Network to the employees; friends and families of our corporate clients and because of the unprecedented times also being offered free to all! Nurses, police officers, fire fighters, medical 1st responders, active and retired military, teachers and students, seniors, frontline workers, all non-profit organizations including Churches and credit union members may enjoy all the benefits of a club without the dues!

The VIP Access is only for a limited time. Sign up today!