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Special Green Programs

Doc The past few years has seen many changes and a heightened consciousness in the world towards the Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming, Environmental Science, CO2 emissions, fossil fuel controversies are now a part of our everyday conversations. These are very real and justified concerns for us all.

The Automotive Industry is changing and evolving by the minute. Many sources of alternate "fuel sources" are emerging at lightning speed.

Alternative Fuel Sources

The most common and # 1 "green fuel" is not a form of fuel at all... It is known as "Electrification!"

Most all of the manufacturers are now producing or have electric vehicles coming out seemingly every day. Elon Musk and his Tesla got the jump on the auto industry and made smart investors wealthy overnight.

The Government is now changing the fuel and emission timing regulations and many manufacturers are starting to phase-out or eliminate a large portion of the non-electric vehicles they manufacture.

Why is this Important to Companies who own or lease automobiles, trucks, and commercial vehicles?

It is "Doc's" professional opinion that these companies that are aware and forward thinking will realize many financial benefits by reacting quickly.

"Doc" guides his clients to design a personalized "Green Program" including but not limited to: