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Special Auction Direct Access & Benefits


You wouldn't want to go to court without a lawyer, don't go to an auction without representation!

Historically auto auctions have been part of the "Car Business" for many years. They have their place and are one of the many useful tools of the trade. Howard "Doc" Schwartz has dealt in this "arena" for well over 40 years and understands the pros and cons and benefits and pitfalls. "Doc" owned a regional dealer auction for 10 years and being VP and marketing director for a major national public auto and equipment auction, combining this with many years buying, selling, and representing thousands of vehicles and all types of auctions, gives him the inside knowledge of the industry.

Buying and or selling at auctions are not for the inexperienced. Even the "regular players" make many mistakes costing time and lots of money. That's why we say "Buyer Beware, Seller Beware". There are hundreds of different types of auctions and localities across the country. There are the important "nuances" of which is the best auction in what location to use and the delicate timing decisions of when it is most advantageous for desired results in buying or selling. This makes "Doc" the Professional Expert to guide you when using the auction system.