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Accident and Claims Management

DOC Accident and Claims Management is an essential and most important element of overall "Fleet Management". From start to finish our program will hold down the cost of auto losses while increasing the quality of repairs. This will not only save your company a great deal of money in collision repair, but also the "soft costs" or the often overlooked "Subrogation", which can add potentially 100's of thousands of dollars.

Here is a list of suggested services and cost cutting benefits:

Accident Management:

  1. Toll free number and towing for your drivers 24/7
  2. Total Loss evaluation
  3. Loss notices
  4. Accident reporting packages
  5. Invoice auditing & payment to suppliers
  6. Salvage disposal

Collision Repair:

  1. Professionally managed by experienced claims specialists
  2. All repairs 100% Guaranteed
  3. All repair work pre-approved by clients
  4. National Network of contested repair facilities
  5. Honest estimates and pricing
  6. Rental arrangements made immediately so your drivers are quickly back on the road ensuring minimal down time


  1. Professionally and specially trained staff
  2. We will recapture highest possible percentage of vehicle losses
  3. We collect an average in excess of 40% of total auto losses "twice the industry average"
  4. We routinely recover money from "closed files" previously deemed "uncollectable"
  5. Subrogation promises come with a "Written Guarantee" returning lost money to your bottom line

Arrange a "Free Analysis" of your company's current Accident and Claims Management Program by clicking on this link to my industry partner