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To whom it may concern,

I am the President of the Fair Housing Coalition. We are a civil rights organization that lobbies government to change unfair laws when it comes to the rights of Los Angeles housing providers. I frequently appear in the media as a spokesperson on matters of rental housing in Los Angeles and to improve the overall image of people known as 'landlords'. I also write the Apartment Owners Magazine which has a monthly circulation of 100,000 plus. Our organization has been successful in stopping bad ideas for new laws from becoming law. In Los Angeles where sixty-three percent of the population is renters, politicians in an effort to win their votes often violate the rights of housing providers. Unfortunately in the world of politics, politicians are not concerned about right and wrong but more importantly to them, it is all about catering to the larger voting bloc. In LA, landlords are less than one percent of the population.

Howard Schwartz is a person whom I have known since 1987. He is a smart, honest, and a hard working guy. During the late 80's when my main income was television commercial production, I produced several TV commercials for his family business. He is a man of integrity, who is courteous and always paid me on time.

He is the best at motivation and managing sales people. Through the many years that I have known him, I never once saw him lose his temper. Even when there is a difference of opinion, he treats all involved with respect. He is a true problem solver, never a problem creator. If he gives you his word, he always delivers on time. On a personal level, he help me grow by video production business by recommending me to his friends in the automotive industry. The years later, when I started The Fair Housing Coalition five years ago, he gave his time generously to help get the coalition off.

Bill Hooey, President, FHC

To whom it may concern,
It is with great pleasure and respect that ADESA introduces Howard Schwartz and Gold Coast Auto Remarketing as our affiliate in auto remarketing and auction services.

Howard Schwartz and Gold Coast Re marketing have over 40 years experience in every aspect of the car business at the wholesale and retail level; including establishing bid sales and auctions.

ADESA Provides customers with a wholesale car auction solution. The service provided by Gold Coast Auto Remarketing are a natural addition to the process of providing a simple, complete, solution for garnering the most money for vehicles.

Given our unique geographical location near the San Diego/Mexico border, and additional customer base that this elicits, even hard to sell, high mileage vehicles provide a high yield.

Gold Coast Remarketing and Howard Schwartz have proven their ability to provide the best return for the money. They are a stand-up company that has had great success selling cars of all makes and models with ADESA.

Howard's remarketing experience ranges from lease returns, band and credit union repossessions, institutional and commercial vehicles, and well as new and used car trade-ins.

With the power and strength of ADESA and the specific services, extensive experience, and first class customer service that Howard Schwartz and Gold Coast Auto Remarketing provide, it is with confidence that we welcome them as our chosen affiliate in the auto remarketing service.


CJ Lopez, Dealer Sales and Services Manager, John Cobbs, General Manager

To whom it may concern,

For the past twelve months Howard Schwartz has very capably assisted Home Acceptance Corporation in remarketing of its repossessed vehicles. Howard's vast, nearly four decade long, experience in all aspects of the auto business coupled with his street smarts and almost photographic memory for vehicles make him a tremendous asset on any team. He has zealously pursued retail, wholesale, consignment and auction venues to achieve the highest value for our vehicles. Where it made sense, he worked closely with consignment dealers in their reconditioning and marketing efforts. In other instances, he became directly involved the selection, relocation, vehicle preparation, lane positioning and bidding process at auction.

Howard gets up before the crack of dawn and hits the ground running every day. He jumps in and shakes things up if necessary to get the job done. Howard has contacts and relationships in every aspect of the auto industry that can help put deals together.

Most importantly, Howard is a man of integrity. In our dealings he has always been up front and aboveboard. Howard is a true gentleman.

I believe you will find Howard's industriousness, knowledge, and experience quite valuable.


Mark T. Gombar, President

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