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DOC The upcoming years of the "new normal" in the auto lending industry will present greater challenges going forward. The fallout from Covid 19's effect on the economy is still yet to be determined.

The potential reality for increased delinquency and repossessions is very real. Combining this with a seemingly endless procession of new players coming into the marketplace make these truly unprecedented times in the automobile business.

"Doc's" expertise will maximize net repossession proceeds lowering deficiency balances.

Howard "Doc" Schwartz has seen over 40 years of the "ups and downs" of the lending business. He has a diversified background with lessons only learned by his good and bad experiences of all aspects of the business. By previously owning both finance and leasing companies, dealerships and auctions gives "Doc" insights and first-hand knowledge to help lenders with their current internal problems including repossession and vehicle remarketing issues.

Howard "Doc" Schwartz also provides some new, fresh, and innovative ideas for the future.

For the lenders who are open-minded and willing to think "outside the box" please contact Howard "Doc" Schwartz for a free consultation. He has some creative answers to discuss and customize to each lender's particular needs and goals for the "new normal" of 2021 and beyond!